Conductor Directing

Kenneth Freed, Music Director

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Sponsor a Musician

Show your support for your favorite player or instrument. All of our musicians work incredibly hard to be a member of this organization. They practice, take lessons, drive to and from rehearsal, hire babysitters to watch their kids while they're gone. Their instruments need to be kept in top condition. Oboists and bassoonists handcraft their own reeds, some of which only last for a few uses. Percussionists spend a small fortune on different kinds of sticks and mallets. String players need to replace their strings regularly; one cellist told me she can expect to spend $600 a year on strings along. We pay each and every member of the orchestra a small stipend to offset their expenses and to recognize their professional level playing ability. Your sponsorship will help support an individual for a season. Contact the MSO Office at 507-625-8880 or email to learn more.

Concertmaster and Assistant Concertmaster Sponsorship $800

The concertmaster is the first violinist who leads the orchestra from within. The assistant concertmaster sits next to her and is ready to assume her duties if she is absent.

Section Principal Sponsorship $500

The section principal is the leader of the section. Principal string players decide on bowings for their section and other principal players assign parts or are the only person in playing that particular instrument.

Section Musician Sponsorship $300

Most musicians in the orchestra are members of a section. They work hard to play together as an ensemble and come from all walks of life.