Conductor Directing

Kenneth Freed, Music Director

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Tribute Gifts 2013-2014

Remember a friend or loved one with a gift in their honor, or celebrate a milestone. If you choose, the Mankato Symphony will send a letter to the individual or family notifying them of a gift.


In memory of Mona Berg

Gordon & Donna Graham

Marilyn Birbeck & Teddy Ollrich

Missie & Dan Haag

Susan Sobelson

Cindy & Ted Graff

Donette & Greg Wheelock

Bob and Lucille Northenscold

Clayton & Eunice Tiede

Dolores Warren

Gretchen & Brett Taylor

Phyllis Johnson & Phil Bachman

1st National Bank of Buhl

James & Merry Northenscold

Mary Jane Witz

Joloyce Falgren

Lois Mathews

Robert & Rosalie Moninger

Donald & Joyce Malherek

Penny Saiki

Jerry & Jo Westgor

Mary Lynn Tryhus & Lee schwanke

Alice Blomquist

William Olinger

Barbara Erie

Lance & Donna Quick

Kathleen & Robert Oganovic

Janna King

Jeanne & Stephen Rose

Nan & Jerome Olinger


In memory of Ken Gertjejansen 

James & Ann McGuire

Jane Sletta

Richard & Lynn Weber

Linda Karow

Tom & Ruth Giles

Patric M. Martha Woodward Ryan

Vickie Busch

Rorald O. Gertjejansen

MK Service & repair

Stephen P. & Vickie L. Dunn

John E. Barnett


In memory of Jim Mason

Shirley Ochsner


In memory of Rita Marsh

Marilyn McCarney